I was part of a 2 day humanoids workshop, run as part of the CTO technology team, focussed on identifying compelling use cases for humanoids within enterprise applications.

It included representation from HR, Workplace Relations, Legal, Compliance & Risk and CTO Technology and Innovation. The first day examined the ethical, employee and legal implications whilst the second day focused on ideation of uses cases.

The overall success of the week could be attributed to the collaborative approach of the workshops with everyone getting involved to develop & pitch use cases. The entire team then voted on those most compelling and useful for Telstra.

The most popular was a use case to support Hospital Triage, providing language and service assistance between patients and doctors. To wrap-up the event, a brown bag was held with the humanoids escorting guests to the kitchen area and placing coffee orders with our barista!

Over the coming weeks, the team will engage with additional business units and continue to identify viable use cases to potentially drive performance and revenue for Telstra.

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