Cruzr acted as an Usher during a pilot trial for the Muru-D Golden Ticket Event. During this event Cruzr acted like an auxiliary staff member that actively greeted guests with maps based on the event agenda as well as helped guide them to the correct exits at the end of the night. This experience was created by Dhruv Divekar, a graduate in my team, as part of the Telstra Humanoids Program.

The engagement with the humanoid by guests was extremely positive, with many guests stopping to interact and take selfies with Cruzr.

Additionally, the event staff indicated Cruzr was an asset that demonstrated strong potential to  free up their crucial time during event preparation and pack up. The result of this was a strong humanoid presence at a customer facing event that enabled a showcase of our capabilities and technology while enhancing our guest’s CTO experience.

There are now plans going forward to utilise enhanced forms of the humanoid at all future events to augment the guests experience and assist event staff with related tasks surrounding guest interaction.

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