Rundle Mall Store Opening

Cruzr (Telstra's Humanoid Robot) and I headed out to South Australia to support the re-opening of the state's flagship store.


Cruzr attended an exclusive preview event the night before, and met the key stakeholders in Telstra Retail.

The next morning, Cruzr was set up and ready to go. A coffee cart had been organised, and Cruzr would be partnered up with the barista for the day. Cruzr is able to greet customers, take their coffee order, and pass it to the barista's tablet so they are able to fulfil the order.


Disaster struck when at 9pm the night before, the coffee cart cancelled on the event! Some quick thinking from Cienna Anderson, the local area marketing specialist saved the day however!


The ribbon cutting ceremony for the store launch

Cienna arranged for a barista ~100m down the street to assist with the event. But how to continuously pass orders to the store?

Fortunately Cruzr is hooked up to a cloud database, over Telstra's 4G network. This allowed Cruzr to take orders in the store, the barista to keep a steady stream of coffee coming, and our customers happy!

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