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3D Printing

80 Micron Test Prints

A print of the Millenium Falcon to test ultra high detail printing.

Macro Prop Printing

A replica prop of the M41 SSR Rocket Launcher from the popular video game Halo.

Macro 1mm Layer Printing

A prop of a cow's head, to help out a startup called SmartPaddock display their IoT cow tracker. Tested printing with large layer heights for rapid printing.

Redesigned Spool Holders

Due to the amount of printing I had been doing, the filament had started to physically cut its way through the top of the printer due to friction. The new spool design helps minimise this friction.

Drone 12.9" iPad Stand

The large 12.9 inch iPads don't fit onto the DJI drone controller, so I printed a number of new holders for Telstra's pilots. The use of lock nuts and foam gave it a nice professional feel, and made it secure.

Virtual Reality Controller Stock

Designed to help hold and stabilize the VR controllers whilst playing multiplayer shooters.

Chemical Refinery

As part of our final year Chemical Engineering design project, I worked with my team to 3D print our final design.

Print Optimization

As part of printing the battleship from the video game Warhammer 40,000K Battlefleet Gothic, I've been working on optimisation. The print on the right side is far better quality, thanks to lots of testing of various print settings.

Splatoon Joycon Holder

A stock for the Nintendo Switch gaming console controllers, from the video game Splatoon.

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