Deepfake Digital Twin

Generative AI allows you to interview yourself, with real-time voice and video cloning.

Scam Indicator

Quantium Telstra's new product enables phone scams to be detected in real-time.

Search and Rescue

AI enabled search and rescue, to augment and reduce the time to find lost persons.

Deepfake Virtual Assistant

Deepfakes are able to be combined with virtual assistants to avoid the monotony of attending meetings.

Asset Inspection

Mask RCNNs allow for assets to be automatically inspected. This application detects potholes using drone footage.

Humanoid Robotics

AI with a physical point-of-presence in the real world. Humanoids enable intelligence to be applied to concierge functions, customer service and way-finding.

Privacy Filtering

As AI enabled IoT video sensors become more widespread, preserving individuals' privacy becomes increasingly important. This algorithm automatically removes people from CCTV footage.

Augmented Reality Piggy Bank

Helping children understand digital banking through the use of augmented reality.

Water Management

Enabling effective water management through Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, in a collaboration with Microsoft.