External GPU (eGPU)

As part of my AI Program of Work, I recently acquired a Razer Core v2 eGPU housing, with a NVIDIA Titan Xp graphics card.

eGPUs allow for portable graphics cards, to enable or further augment devices lackign in computational power. This is a fantastic tool, as it can turn low spec laptops into AI workstations!


I have been using it in conjunction with my Razer Blade laptop (pictured in the background) over the thunderbolt connection, giving me both a GTX1070 and Titan Xp for portable training.

This eGPU will also enable a high end, portable inference machine, which can be taken to remote areas for testing, such as the agriculture & mining proof of concepts I am conducting.

Setting it up with Windows was a breeze, as the drivers are fully supported (the Razer Core is primarily used for gaming). Getting it to work on Linux was a little more experimental, and temperamental.

I'm excited to test this when my new RTX2080ti arrives, and find out if it is supported!